Look Who Got A Brand New Mouth!

10/11/2013 10:00 AM PDT, by
Look, everybody, Courtney Stodden got herself some big fancy lip injections! We know this because she posted that photo to Twitter so that we could all see the evolution of her ever-changing face and also so that she could thank her doctor:

new pout looks so lovely. Thank you, Doc ;) x

It's just ... well, OK. Courtney is a pretty girl. But does she honestly think that this looks "so lovely"? Good on her if this is the look she's into, but it looks like she can't even close her mouth. Is that supposed to be some kind of newfangled sexy face, or are her lips actually so big now that they just don't touch? And while we're here, what is even happening with those eyebrows? This girl is too young to be making her face into this big a mess, right?

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