Robin Thicke Just Made Everything Worse

10/13/2013 11:00 AM PDT, by
Pretty much ever since Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" song came out, people have been calling him out on how creepy it is. The video, the song, everything: it's a big ol' pile of creepiness. But guys, we're just so wrong to think that, and you know why? Because Robin wrote the song about his wife! The whole song is about Paula Patton! That makes all the creepiness go away for sure!

"I wrote it about my wife. She's my good girl. And I know she wants it because we've been together for 20 years."

No, Robin, No. If you wrote this about your wife, then why are you just waiting until now to say so? And also, that doesn't even make sense: the whole song is about a woman who is with another man who tried to "domesticate" her, but Robin knows that she's an "animal" and he wants to "liberate" her because she "don't need no papers" and that man is not her "maker." Why would he write that about the woman he's been with for 20 years, since he was 16? And then what are all those blurred lines about? And on top of everything else that's wrong with this idea, let's not forget that Robin saying "she's my good girl" about his 37-year-old wife is one of the worst things he could have possibly said.

This would all be so much easier if he would just come out and say "yep, I'm a giant ball of scuzziness and ick," wouldn't it?

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