Justin Bieber's New Music Video is the Dumbest Thing He's Ever Come Up With

10/16/2013 9:00 AM PDT, by

Yep, that weirdly mediocre song that Justin Bieber released on Monday, "All That Matters," already has a music video, and yep, it's pretty darn awful. The video was leaked, so that's why you don't actually have to hear the song again, but you still get to see all his weird pelvic thrusting, all his aggressive dancing on uninterested passersby, and all the douchiness. And seriously, there's a whole big mess of douchiness.

Also, is he wearing a skirt? Because it looks like he's wearing a little leather mini over his stupid pants. Does that somehow make the pelvic thrusting even worse? Trick question, because nothing could make the pelvic thrusting worse.

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