What Did Good Taste Ever Do to YOU, Nicki Minaj?

10/17/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by
Just look at that photo for a minute: that's Nicki Minaj wearing a blazer without any kind of shirt under it at a Kmart event. As you can see, she had about a trillion nip slips, which, when you fail to wear a shirt in public, doesn't count as a "nip slip" so much as a terribly silly plea for attention.

Here's the thing: boobs are fine. If Nicki wants to show hers off, good for her. She could do a nude spread, or some sort of artsy magazine shoot. It's just that this thing she's doing now, the jackets without shirts and the dozens and dozens of Instagrammed shots of her ass, it's just annoying, and pretty soon it's going to be boring. So basically, "piss or get off the pot" would be great adage for Nicki at this point in her life.

But really ... a Kmart event? Honestly?

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