LeAnn Rimes Should Be Ashamed of Herself with This

10/20/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by
What you're looking at right here is a photo of LeAnn Rimes that she actually thought up, had someone else take for her, and posted on Twitter. As you can see, she's posing on a truck, and the side reads "Wrecker Service." Get it? As in homewrecker? As in ha ha, she cheated on her husband with a man who had a wife and two children? Isn't it so cheeky and charming and delightful?

I think she thinks it's OK because when she posted the photo, she said "DON'T OPEN w/o A SENSE OF HUMOR," like anyone who would look at it and think it was dumb or distasteful wouldn't be able to have those thoughts because hey, she warned you, right? Wrong. So, so wrong. It's this kind of thing that makes it so impossible to like LeAnn: why couldn't she just not do this? She's already had the affair, she already made that bad choice, why can't she just stop making bad choices? Why does she have to keep aggravating the situation? 

Maybe we'll understand someday, friends. But probably not, because we're not jackasses.
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