Demi Lovato Officially Just Made the Worst Mistake of Her Life -- Again

10/21/2013 4:45 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
There it is, guys -- Demi Lovato is holding Wilmer Valderrama's hand, which means that that they're probably back on again -- for the zillionth time -- and that's the horrible, awful mistake that she made all over again. It's as if Demi thinks that she can do no better than frigging Fez, and creepy frigging Fez at that. 

The two were rumored to be on again over the summer, when they were photographed hanging out and buying furniture, but this is the first photo in a long time where they've openly expressed PDA. 

In addition, if you remember all that, then you also might remember all of the passive-aggressive tweets Demi fired off way back when Wilmer broke her heart the first or second (or third?) time, and then that one incident when he allegedly cheated on her with Minka Kelly, or maybe someone else, but that apparently hasn't stopped her from taking the douche back time and time again. 

Sorry to ruin your night and all, but ugh. Not good, Demi. 

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