THIS Is How You Promote Your New Album, Lady Gaga

10/22/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by
Today is an amazingly beautiful day, friends: it's the release day for Katy Perry's brand new album, Prism! If you haven't got it yet, you should at least have plans to run to the Target after work or whatever, or at least download it on iTunes, right? It's just that you need to get it because she needs support and you need happiness in the form of pop music.

Anyway, one of the things Katy did to celebrate is a fun little Twitter Q&A session with her fans. You might remember that Lady Gaga did one of these too, it's just that hers was obnoxious and pretentious and awful while Katy's is sweet and inspiring and lovely. And no, we probably wouldn't be comparing them if Lady Gaga didn't feel the need to do so all the dang time.

But this is Katy's day, so let's see what she's got to say! Guys, some weird Gaga fan even crashed the fun by tweeting "f---ing ugly ass f----- hoe go hang yourself," and you know how she replied? She said "acceptance is the key to be, to be truly free. #letthelightin." How can you not love her?!

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