This is What Jake Gyllenhaal Would Look Like If He Weren't Famous

10/23/2013 3:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
What a difference some weight makes, huh?

The photo on the right is Jake Gyllenhaal at the recent Hollywood Film Awards, where he was celebrated for his role in "Prisoners." That's all well and good, but his face! His gauntness! His unhappy eyebrows and sunken sockets! It's all for a film role in his upcoming movie, "Nightcrawler," but suffice it to say, it's not a good look for Jake at all. 

About the role, in which Jake plays a freelance crime reporter living in Los Angeles, Jake says, "It takes place in a land where I think there is a desert in a lot of ways, great opulence, and at the same time, great vastness and emptiness. I knew that [my character] was literally and figuratively hungry. [I got into a] mode where I was always a bit hungry." 

Love you, you handsome bear of a man, but this emaciated look is doing nothing for you. Except making you look like a hungry serial killer a la "American Psycho." That, for sure. 

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