It's Official: LeAnn Rimes is One of the Worst People Living

10/23/2013 7:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
So remember how LeAnn Rimes posted that tacky, ridiculous photo with her larking on the back of a truck that screamed "Wrecker Service!"? She's not even sorry about it, guys, and that can only mean one thing -- LeAnn Rimes really is the insensitive, selfish person that she doesn't want everyone to think she is. 

After being eviscerated on Twitter for a whole four days, LeAnn replied to a whole bunch of people on Twitter who called her out for being generally awful (just not us, because duh, we've been blocked by LeAnn), and had a whole bunch of even more absurd things to say about her behavior: 

"[The photo is] about laughing at something I know I'm not, and some very unoriginal people keep yapping about. ... [Other people have] yapped about it for years, and now I can make fun of myself whenever & however I want, thx." 

Oh, so calling a spade a spade is unoriginal, huh? Or maybe it's that there are some things in life you don't joke about, and being involved in an affair that broke up two marriages and one family is one of them. There really isn't a statute of limitations or anything where it's finally OK to poke fun, because you know what? As surprising as this information might seem to LeAnn, life is not just all about her. 

Sickening, LeAnn. The photo was bad -- your justification of it was worse.

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