Brandi Glanville is a Hero for Dealing With This Crap

10/24/2013 4:00 PM PDT, by
Oh, before we get started, can we talk about how amazing Brandi Glanville looked last night at her "Real Housewives" premiere party? The sideboob is impressive, right? She's actually pretty stunning, which is something you might not have time to notice with all the insane drama that goes on in her life. And speaking of insane drama ...

Here's a thing that Brandi recently said in an interview about her two sons with Eddie Cibrian and their relationship:

“Jake said, ‘Daddy doesn’t love you.' It made me sad that Eddie would say that to the kids.”

So Brandi's son asked her if she still loved Eddie, their father, and she said yes, because that is what you say to young children after a divorce. And when her son asked Eddie the same question, he said no, because he is a disgusting human being.

Do some people just not feel shame at all, is that what this is about? Is that why Eddie and LeAnn Rimes are able to do all the annoying, hurtful, passive aggressive things they do to Brandi? If so, is there any kind of hope left for them, or are they just going to be awful forever? 
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