Those BETTER Be Your Original Lips, Kendall Jenner

10/25/2013 5:00 AM PDT, by
Look at those photos right there: on the right, there's Kendall Jenner from back in August, and on the left, there's Kendall Jenner from yesterday. Do you notice anything peculiar, besides Kendall's impressive resemblance to Kim Kardashian? Anything at all?

Them LIPS, you guys! Look at the difference in her lips! Is it a common thing for one's lips to grow this much in her 17th year, is that what this is? Maybe her lips are going to keep naturally growing every year of her life, that could be it, too. Or perhaps she just got a tube of that lip gloss that Courtney Stodden uses -- that would explain a lot, huh?

Regardless of the reasoning, Kendall, I really hope that you're just making a dumb face here and that you still maintain the ability to fully close your mouth. We'll be thinking about you, girl. 

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