Kelly Osbourne Is Way Sorry for That Whiny Little Hissy Fit

10/29/2013 8:00 AM PDT, by
Remember how Lady Gaga gave Sharon Osbourne a birthday cake for Kelly Osbourne and then Kelly told Lady Gaga to "eat my s---" because they hate each other? You should, it only happened a couple days ago. But, lucky for us, Kelly has already realized the error of her gross ways, and she proved it by tweeting this classy non-apology last night: Now see, that's a perfect thing to say, and it's what she should have said in the first place. Because what Gaga did was a publicity stunt, and it was annoying, and they do need to talk like adults instead of passive aggressive (or, in Kelly's case, just aggressive) babies. Isn't it nice to see that even the most obnoxious of celebrities can grow and learn and have moments of class? Doesn't that just warm your heart right up?

Still though:
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