What on Earth Is This Guy Doing Dating Farrah Abraham?!

10/30/2013 7:00 AM PDT, by
All right, that guy right there, that goofy looking fellow, his name is Brian Dawe: he is a DJ and he is also Farrah Abraham's boyfriend. We're not trying to judge books by their covers over here, but if you saw this cover and caught a little blurb about this book's taste in ladies, you'd probably think "man, what a dumb book." But that's actually not the case at all!

Brian did a little interview with Orlando Weekly, and while he did talk about Farrah, he also came across as an intelligent, thoughtful guy. Crazy, right? Check out what he had to say about being in the news with Farrah:

"Well, you know, it’s something I never expected to be brought into. Me and her were dating quietly for a few months. I wasn’t really expecting for it to come out. I mean, I didn’t know when it would come out, or if it would, so it kind of caught me by surprise. But I knew it was a big ordeal when people started calling my mom’s house asking about it."

And here's what he said about Farrah herself:

"I think a lot of people give her a bad rap. She might not have the best reputation in the media right now, but I think she’s improved herself a lot, and she’s fixed a lot of the past mistakes she made. She’s young, she’s made some mistakes, just like everybody."

And here's this big statement he made about reality television and how it affected Farrah, and young people in general:

"Even though I’ve been on reality TV before, I think the culture of reality television, especially with younger people, is very damaging. The fact that MTV and Viacom exploit 16-year-old girls – it’s clear they don’t care about the long term or the mental health of these people, and it’s a travesty that they are willing to sacrifice integrity for entertainment. These young people, they get thrust out into the limelight, and that’s something that they have to deal with for the rest of their lives. You look at a lot of young people put into the spotlight at a very young age, from Miley Cyrus to Britney Spears to even Justin Bieber, and they act out and they have to deal with this. There’s just this culture of exploiting young people. And it needs to change."

Guys, this dude is a total genius compared to Farrah. He's over here talking about the exploitation of child stars and the effect it has on those people, and meanwhile Farrah thought Trayvon Martin was some girl she met one time. I can't even figure out how they have conversations, besides imagining that Brian tries to discuss something and Farrah does that thing she always does in interviews where she doesn't understand a question so she just starts talking about herself. What a strange, strange couple.
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