Paris Hilton Obviously Doesn't Understand What Words Mean

10/30/2013 8:30 AM PDT
This one is going to be quick and relatively painless, guys: Paris Hilton did an interview about her new music, and she referred to herself as a pop star. Paris Hilton, who is literally famous for being rich and dumb, thinks she's a pop star. That is the world we live in.

Specifically, she was talking about her new music video, which is basically a video of her lip syncing her awful song in a bathing suit, and she was trying to pretend like she had this great big concept for the thing, but when the interviewer was all "yeah, but what about all the skin?", she said this:

"When you're doing a music video, that's what it's about. Every pop star wants to look sexy." 

Yeah, Paris, but we're not talking about pop stars, we're talking about YOU. And you don't think you're a pop star, do you? Oh, that's right. You do. Because of that "rich and dumb" thing we talked about before. Got it.

Thanks for the laughs, girl! Always a pleasure!

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