Halloween Was an Exercise in Poor Judgement All Around, Huh, Miley?

11/4/2013 7:45 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
See that picture? That would be Miley Cyrus, with an unidentified open bottle in her hand and lap, and the guy in the leather with the tattoos is Benji Madden, or Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend. All in all, Halloween was apparently an epic failure, and an exercise in futility, truth be told.

Hanging out with any of Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriends (sorry, Benji Madden; we all liked Good Charlotte back in the day -- a little -- so it's nothing personal) has just got to be a route to the Pathway of Destruction by Virtue, and that little white bottle in her lap? Well. It could either Malibu coconut rum, Tom Ford's White Patchouli, or something altogether different, but in short? Get better taste, Miley -- in everything but the aforementioned perfume. 

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