Kylie Jenner is in For Some Serious Trouble

11/5/2013 5:40 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Holy crap, guys -- Kylie Jenner here is 16 years old, and she's showing off cleavage like she's been doing it for decades. How creepy and weird and wrong and inappropriate even is this? 

Here's the thing -- if Kylie, at 16 years old -- is so keen on convincing the world that she's ready for adulthood and she's totally on board for all of the buggery that comes along with it, then so be it. Here's some cold, hard truth, Kylie Jenner: that dress isn't cute. The lipstick is too caked and heavy, and the "sultry" pose begets notions of a little girl playing dress-up in her raunchy big sister's clothes. ... Which is just about par for the course in this situation, and it's damn sad.  

Sorry, Kylie, that you don't have a single positive influence in your life to tell you that acting like this at 16 isn't OK, girl. Sorry that you're able to make these clothing and behavioral decisions for yourself at 16, when, in reality, the only thing you should be worrying about is reading the latest fun YA novel and thinking about English quizzes and passing notes in the hallways of school without getting caught. Sorry that you're probably in for a hard road in a hard city in a hard life, but you know what? You've solidified it in our minds that there's no going back, and this latest photo just sets it in stone. 

What a shame. 

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