Love It or Leave It: Jennifer Aniston's Got Some Edgy New Hair!

11/6/2013 6:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Here it is -- Jennifer Aniston's new hairstyle, and there's probably a good likelihood that women all over the world are going to end up with this 'do this fall, and for good reason: if nothing else, Jen's hair has always been a monument to good taste and forward fashion. Yeah, it's not the most innovative cut in the world -- it's basically a simple A-line, just ... messier -- but if Jennifer Aniston's rocking it, then there's going to be a good bunch of other women who probably will, too. 

Verdict: Love it. It's a good change from the humdrum style that Jen had over the last few years, and with her wedding finally approaching (?), there's nothing better than a little diversity. And hey -- it suits her. 

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