Love It or Leave It: Ashlee Simpson Needs to Give Up the Ghost

11/7/2013 8:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
This is Ashlee Simpson leaving a club in West Hollywood last night, and it was apparently a club that sold food and/or beverages, and not hairbrushes or clothes from any time before or after 1996. Ashlee has had a whole ton of adorable looks in the past, but this, friends -- if we're being "What Not to Wear" fashion critics today -- isn't one of them. 

Verdict: Leave it. If we really have to choose -- and we do really have to choose --  then we're going to have to leave it. Ashlee's given us a whole lot of fun with her style over the years, so maybe she should pick one of them -- they suit her far more than this one ever could. In short? Courtney Love called -- she wants her old, old, old look back. 

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