Today in Idiocy: Farrah Abraham Learned A New Word!

11/7/2013 11:00 AM PST, by

Oh, thank goodness for Farrah Abraham and her brilliant, not at all ridiculous mind! We were all just sitting around here, twiddling our thumbs, wishing we could expand our embarrassingly tiny vocabularies, when Farrah heard us. She heard us, and she decided to do a "Word of the Week" segment on her lovely Keek account.

This week's word, which you'll learn in the video, is "authentic." Don't worry, we'd never heard it before either, but Farrah takes the time to define it for us in the video, and she says it over and over and over, really slowly and then really fast, just so we can get a grasp on it. Isn't that so sweet of her?

Real talk though, the amount of sheer dumbness in this video is going to just blow you away. Brace yourselves.
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