Selena Gomez is Growing Up Right and Proper, Huh?

11/8/2013 4:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Remember how we showed you that "Flaunt" cover of Selena Gomez last night -- the one where her hair was artfully styled into a cropped bob, and where she wasn't wearing much more than a lacy, satiny teddy? Well, the above photos are from a "Flaunt" event, and there's a good chance that these pictures are even somehow more beautiful than the ones taken in lingerie. 

The interesting thing, however, is that there's a large contingency of people saying that Selena doesn't have a beautiful body, and it's because she doesn't have an ample bosom or a round, pert backside -- which is such BS on so many levels. First off, who ever determined that there was one specific body type that was acceptable for a woman to have? Second, just because someone isn't your specific "type" makes them unattractive? Come on. We can do better than this, can't we? 

Selena's obviously not built like Kim Kardashian or Christina Hendricks -- but that doesn't make her any less beautiful than either of those two equally beautiful women. 

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