Kim Kardashian Needs to Seriously Just Stop for a Second

11/10/2013 3:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Sorry to completely wreck your long weekend or whatever, guys, but this is Kim Kardashian's up-to-the-minute look captured in a photo that was taken while she left Hakkasan restaurant in Beverly Hills last night, and the look -- flat out -- is the polar opposite of "good." 

Somebody needs to intervene fast before this girl's face goes completely off the rails. If there is -- ahem -- alterations going on all up in girl's grill, then it needs to just stop. If someone's teaching Kim how to make the most unappealing faces on the whole of the earth, then that needs to stop, too. We won't discriminate -- it doesn't even matter which of the two it happens to be, and we don't even need to know which it is ... it just needs to end, that's all. 

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