Lindsay Lohan vs. The Selfie (Hint: The Selfie Wins This Time)

11/10/2013 12:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Here's Lindsay Lohan, taking a photo of herself in what looks to be a bathroom (bathroom selfies aren't cute no matter what the lighting is, friends), and aside from the weird green filter that she's using to "set the mood," she's looking all right, right? 

The thing is, we know Lindsay's doing well. We thank our lucky stars over breakfast about Lindsay's fabulous resurgence every day. We can tell from basically any and every picture of the girl that we see as of late that Lindsay's doing amazingly. But the barrage of selfies is becoming a little silly -- the pope wants to be taken seriously, too, but you don't see him doing duck face in the bathroom every three days, do you? Come on, now, girl. Let your fabulousness speak for itself, OK? 
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