Mariah Carey's Letting It All Hang Out These Days, Huh?

11/13/2013 6:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Look away, guys -- or wait, no, on second thought, don't; Mariah Carey's looking damn fine this morning if we do say so ourselves, and since she posted this photo all on her own, she apparently wants you to think so, too. 

Yeah, Mariah can be a right pain in the ass with her dramatic, over-the-top diva antics, but three things will always remain to be true: she's completely and utterly gorgeous, she can sing like an angel, and she's almost always sweet as pie. Truth be told, though, she can be as big an annoyance as she wants, as long as she just keeps doing Mariah. ... Which is one and the same. Boom -- things just came full-circle, huh? 

Looking good, girl!

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