Say What You Want About Her, But These Pictures of Kim Kardashian are Gorgeous

11/14/2013 7:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor

Seriously, now, let's be real for a second, and let's pretend that Kim Kardashian isn't one of the more fatally annoying celebrities to grace the planet with her presence, OK? Let's, for a minute, act like we're going to be impartial and judge this woman's appearance based solely on the fact that she has got a completely and utterly gorgeous body, and equally gorgeous (most of the time) awareness of what accentuates her rad curves in the very best of ways, and not marred by the suspicion of plastic surgery or augmentation of any kind. 

Gosh, guys. This midriff shirt and that pencil skirt? That shade of green on girlfriend? She's almost -- almost! -- breathtaking.

... Sorry about all that. Resume regular, ragging, Kardashian-centered gossip at your discretion.
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