Did Jada Pinkett Smith Just Pull Off the Best Divorce Announcement Ever?

11/19/2013 4:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor

Is that what's happening here? Jada Pinkett Smith -- Jada Pinkett? -- released this video in order to tell a story? Because if she did, well. Then this just might be the most ass-kicking way to release a public statement about a disintegration of a marriage that ever probably happened.

The video for her band's new single, "Stuck," showcases a woman in despair over what appears to be a failed marriage (in the video's opening, she's filmed staring at her wedding ring for almost a whole entire minute, letting it drop to the floor at the last second), and the song itself has lyrics like this:

"I remember when you kissed me, Said you’d always love me, Your words broke me and left me there, Staring at a shadow. ... Some nights I feel the way you touch me, Those nights I believe that you once loved me, Tonight I wish that you could hold me, And now it’s time to end this story." 

Jada's also been tweeting some pretty enigmatic things lately, to the tune of this: 

"The idea being that when we concentrate on dealing with and cleaning up our own stuff... all things fall in place." 

Please note that the last tweet was posted along with the video for "Stuck." Interesting, right? And you all probably know by now that Jada's been photographed -- multiple times -- sans wedding ring ... Will Smith, where you at in all this, friend?Jada finally get sick of putting up with your ass? 

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