This is Not a Good Look, Miley Cyrus.

11/20/2013 3:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Oh, look, new besties -- Miley Cyrus and Miranda Kerr, one who smokes so much pot she can't see straight, and the other who Photoshops her own photos so much that she doesn't even know what she really looks like. Perf match! 

As you can see, however, while Miranda's looking -- well, much like Miranda normally does: all pretty and mask-like -- Miley's rocking a brand-new look that Lady Gaga tried to pull off not too long ago: bleached eyebrows. Bleached. Bleached so brightly that they almost look nonexistent.  

Sorry, Miley, but if you were trying for something avant garde, this just isn't it. If you're gonna go beauty crazy and fashion nuts, why don't you try something really off the wall -- like wearing a damn pair of actual pants, huh? 

Girl, you are so cute. But this is not for you.

Here's another completely awful shot -- IN COLOR:

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