Crap, Two Days in a Row and We're Singing Praises About Hotness and Things

11/21/2013 11:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Yes, we spend a lot of time ragging on LeAnn Rimes -- a lot -- and in most cases she's entirely deserving of it.

She flaunts the fact that her husband, Eddie Cibrian, was procured through an illicit, ill-gotten means, she incessantly feeds into the drama that she, herself, claims to want to avoid at all costs, and she consistently throws Brandi Glanville's children in Brandi Glanville's face, as if Brandi Glanville doesn't even exist. Nobody's saying that LeAnn's an evil person, to be sure, but she certainly isn't up for a Good Humor and Congeniality award, either. 

This outfit, however, is pretty hot. Like Kim Kardashian, if we can just put our personal, vitriolic feelings aside for the sake of fashion, LeAnn Rimes really hit a home run with this getup. The boots are totally cool -- NEED THEM -- the skirt is adorable, the sweater's cute, the accessories are fab, the colors are perfect for fall, and her hair looks healthy and amazing. ... And now it's time for us to go purge all this LeAnn Rimes goodwill from our souls. Blech. 

See, LeAnn Rimes? You didn't have to go and block us on Twitter and such. We don't lambaste you all the time, you know.
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