SHOCKER: Justin Bieber Was Late to A Show, Acted Like A Douchebag

11/25/2013 12:00 PM PST, by
This is going to absolutely blow your mind, but it's true: Justin Bieber wasn't a total gentleman this weekend. I know, it's so weird, but it sounds like when he was on tour in New Zealand over the weekend, he was kind of awful.

He arrived in Auckland the morning before his show, and then he went to a skate park, because he is very cool. And it was there, at the skate park, where he allegedly picked up his new favorite pastime, graffiti, and painted the word "Bizzle" on a wall. And he was apparently having so much fun defacing public property that he forgot he had a show to do, which is why he was over an hour late for his concert.

You might be thinking "wow, that's pretty bad," and you'd be right, but there's more: people at the concert, the ones who stayed, anyway (a lot of poor Beliebers left in anguish after his late arrival), are saying that he lip synced throughout the entire concert. One woman took her nine-year-old son to the concert, and she claims that her son is going to take all his Justin Bieber songs off his iPod, and he's going to burn his Bieber shirt. The horror, you guys. The horror.

Think he's almost done yet?

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