Can We Please Stop Calling Katy Perry Racist Now?

11/25/2013 11:00 AM PST, by
OK, so Katy Perry's performance at the American Music Awards last night ... ugh. As you can see, she wore a geisha inspired costume, and if you've seen her performance, you can see that the whole thing was inspired by Japanese culture. Here, just watch it:

What was the first thing that came to your mind after watching that? Was it "huh, pretty" or "Katy had kind of an off night," or was it "That's RACIST"? Because a whole, whole lot of people are thinking that last thing. And sorry, but that's a little ridiculous.

Look, if you're offended, you're obviously allowed to be offended, and if you think Katy was ignorant for doing this, then that's your right, too. But don't start crying racism, because that is not what this is. Is there anything negative about this performance? At all? Katy was inspired by visual elements of a culture that is different from hers and she used that to sing about unconditional love. Is this something that we're seriously going to get angry about?

Calm your hearts, friends. Maybe this will help:

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