Seth Rogen/James Franco Motorcycle Sex is Hotter

11/25/2013 8:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor

Warning: This video contains profanity but isn't nearly as offensive as the original video for Kanye West's "Bound 2." It does, however, contain Seth Rogen and James Franco essentially riding one another while riding atop a motorcycle, and yes, if you're wondering, yes-- it is somehow hotter than Kim and Kanye's grind.

Welcome to "Bound 3," friends -- a magical, mystical video set in almost the very same places which Kanye West and Kim Kardashian traversed in their magical, mystical lovemobile in "Bound 2," courtesy of James Franco and Seth Rogen. 

Be sure not to miss the full-on kiss between your boys. Despite all of Seth's back hair and how creepily his hips gyrate, you won't even cringe. Nope, not like last time, friends. Promise. 
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