This Isn't Helping

11/26/2013 9:00 AM PST, by
Yes, this is about Katy Perry's AMA performance, the one that people are mistakenly calling racist, and about how Lady Gaga couldn't keep her mouth shut about it. Is anyone surprised? No? Then let's just see what she said to Carson Daly about Katy:

“Maybe it’s because unconditionally means you’re supposed to love no matter what and geishas are paid? I think people are generally too sensitive and they should just leave her be, but you know, I’m not really the person to ask.” 

Now see, Lady Gaga tried, and that's great. She did say that people should leave her alone, and that's very sweet. But that first part? Come on. Maybe it's because she thought the theme and her costume were pretty, and maybe Lady Gaga -- if anyone -- should understand that. That being said? Maybe it was unnecessary to pile onto this issue. Maybe that's the answer.

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