Megan Fox's Face is Pregnant With a Fetus

11/26/2013 3:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Of course Megan Fox's face isn't impregnated with a baby ... that'd be anatomically and physiologically impossible, of course (as well as completely ridiculous), but what we're intimating here is that Megan Fox's face looks much different than it did around a year ago this time -- photo on the left -- and she's pregnant, so the change must be something to do with pregnancy, right? Because we sort of figured that Megan never even considered messing with her looks even one time in her life after she started trying to convince us that she was able to make certain, natural faces.

In any case, girl still looks gorgeous -- which is about par for the course for Megan -- but something sure is different. Is the Kim Kardashian pregnancy face up to its old tricks all over again? 
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