Sure Hope Selena Gomez Didn't Have Some Kind of Allergic Reaction at Thanksgiving Dinner!

11/29/2013 6:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Selena Gomez performed the halftime show at the Cowboys/Raiders game last night, friends, and lots of people were saying things like, "Hey, Selena Gomez looks so great. Isn't it super that she's both talented and classy and doesn't feel the need to walk around with her vulva sculpted on the front of her pants like her other contemporaries do?" But they were also saying things like "Hey, sure looks like Selena Gomez did something to her pretty little lips, because plump." 

We're not saying she did, of course, but our official take is that they look like they were slightly altered ... but maybe their pert voluptuousness was a side-effect or allergy to the tryptophan in yesterday's turkey dinner. 


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