Doesn't Seem Like Lindsay Lohan Wants Her Career Back, Huh?

12/1/2013 6:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Lindsay Lohan
Talk about erratic feelings, friends -- it seems like every week we're either praising or condemning Lindsay Lohan for some kind of special/atrocious behavior, and who even knows what to think. Just when it appears that Lindsay's getting her life together and looking great and making sweet potato souffle or whatever, she goes and almost negates all of the good that she's done and fires off semi-nude photos. 

This picture up top? It's Lindsay's latest creation, and it couldn't be just another self-absorbed selfie. No, Lindsay had to bring nipple into the photo, and basically turn everybody off. 

Note to Lindsay, and those surrounding her: put the camera away. Lock the ish up, and don't pull it back out 'til there's been a complete career revival. If, you know, ever. 

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