Just When You Thought Farrah Abraham Couldn't Sink Any Lower

12/3/2013 8:00 AM PST, by

Oh, friends, hasn't it been entirely too long since we've heard anything from our dear, dear Farrah Abraham? She hasn't been around so much in the past few weeks, and that's been really sad and traumatizing for us all, but now she's back, and she has a great excuse for staying gone so long: she's been doing a photo shoot with "Girls and Corpses" magazine! And if that publication sounds familiar, it's because another one of our favorite ladies, Courtney Stodden, did her own cover a few months back. So let's go ahead and start imagining them as BFFs now, all right?

Anyway, Farrah did the photo shoot, and, as you can see, she just posted a Keek video to let us know that her issue is out. So that's Farrah, posing with a big ol' corpse doll, posing with watermelons, apparently, and who even knows what other wonders this magazine contains. Are you about to die from excitement? Totally understandable. We are too!
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