Justin Bieber Just Made the Most Uncomfortable Video Ever

12/3/2013 7:00 AM PST, by

Well, this is what we get for actually complimenting Justin Bieber: he just released the full music video for "All That Matters," and guys ... it's not good. It's not just "not good" either, it's not something that you can just experience and laugh at and then move on. This is so bad that it is going to stay with you forever.

Just check out the weird "please think I am a totally grownup, totally sexy badass who doesn't even care about being around a hot girl and watching her dance and OMG MAKING OUT" thing he does throughout the whole entire video. Check out the way he's just begging to be taken seriously and sexily. Check it out, and then weep for mankind, because a whole, whole lot of humans are going to find this mega hot. 

Sorry to put all this on you so early in the morning, but if we're going to be forever haunted by that awful "sexy" face, then you're going to be, too.

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