Farrah Abraham is Going to Kill Us All

12/4/2013 9:00 AM PST, by

Oh, hey, did you want to destroy your hopes and dreams for a better world, by any chance? Did you want to see something that could, in one fell swoop, ruin nearly every single good thing in this world? Well, then you're in luck, because Farrah Abraham just posted a video that really, really makes it seem like she's going to be doing comedy soon. No, like on purpose.

See, in the video, Farrah explained that she was in New York for "a gig," and that she's "going to be doing some funny stuff." She also mentioned that Comedy Central is a channel that is funny, and then after she posted this video, she tweeted a photo of some VIP passes to a Dave Attell show for Comedy Central. Guys, all that seems like a big bunch of hints, doesn't it? And that is absolutely horrifying.

What could she even be doing for Comedy Central? She can't even post a 30 second video without screwing up somehow, and it's not like she has any acting skills whatsoever. They could be doing a roast, but that doesn't make sense because usually the people who get honored with a roast have made some sort of achievement. Absolutely nothing makes sense here, so we'll just have to keep on guessing, and then we'll let you know when we figure out what's going on here.

You know, if the apocalypse doesn't happen first.
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