Love It or Leave It: Lea Michele is Forever Flawless

12/4/2013 2:00 PM PST, by
Lea Michele
went to a L'Oreal event last night, and this is what she looked like. Can you even believe it? Can your eyes even accept the amount of beauty and grace that she is bringing with this? Because it's a whole, whole lot, friends, and nobody's going to judge you if your eyeballs stop working because of this.

But seriously, this is what perfection is. The dress is amazing, the cut is amazing, the color is amazing, her hair and makeup are amazing. Sorry if that sounds a little repetitive, but you really should know the definition of "perfection" by now. Hint: it's Lea Michele. That is the definition of perfection.

Verdict: love it. This honestly shouldn't even be a question. 
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