How is It Possible That Kim Kardashian Can Make Such Dumb Faces?

12/6/2013 12:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Raise your hands if you think this might just be the dumbest Kim Kardashian face you've ever seen. Are you raising your hand? You better be raising your hand, because aside from Kim's "Superstar" o-face, this is definitely the dumbest Kim Kardashian face you've ever seen

Consider yourself lucky that you can experience this kind of secondhand glory in seeing what kind of stuff goes down when Kim goes to see Kanye West perform his music or Jesus-wannabe performance art or whatever on the road, the very best thing about it being that she shares it with us time and time again.

It's too easy, Kim. You set yourself up for it. ... And then -- horror of all horrors -- you take a picture. 

Put your duck face away, girl. It's so 2010.
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