Stars Without Makeup: Hayden Panettiere is Genuinely Beautiful

12/6/2013 11:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Hayden Panettiere, leaving the airport after arriving in Los Angeles from an extremely long flight -- wearing no makeup, nonetheless! -- looks so, so much better than most of us on our very best and most glamorous of days. The truth can sometimes hurt, but it's a necessary thing. 

... Just like how Hayden's probably way too good for Wladimir Klitschko, and should probably be dating somebody like Ryan Gosling, because goodness, wouldn't that be the most adorable couple in the world, and oh, but Eva Mendes is still alleged to be in that particular picture, and sometimes life sucks, doesn't it

Sorry about all these negative things, some or all of which that just might ruin your whole entire day. Just remember that no matter what you look like without makeup, and how Ryan Gosling just won't return your phone calls, Fishwrapper still loves you.  

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