Look, LeAnn Rimes Did Something Cute for Once!

12/7/2013 7:30 AM PST, by

Oh, guys, you're going to be just so proud: LeAnn Rimes, who is usually busy being weird and awful, went and made a music video that is actually pretty delightful! Maybe it's because the music video is for "Gasoline and Matches," a song she did with Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, and he sort of watered down her obnoxiousness, or maybe it's because she's not actually in the video much at all, but whatever it is, it's working. So maybe she could take some of the elements from this magical little video -- more Rob Thomas, less of her actual self -- and start incorporating them into her public life, and maybe then we could all be able to stand her!

Think about it, all right, LeAnn? And let's not pretend like you're not reading this, girl.

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