Rebecca Black Is Either The Absolute Best or The Absolute Worst

12/7/2013 10:30 AM PST, by

Quick like a bandaid, y'all: Rebecca Black, the girl that gave us that ridiculous song and music video all about "Friday," just did a brand new music video for a brand new song called "Saturday." Does that terrify you? It's all right if it does, but you should also know that Rebecca is maybe, just maybe, in on the joke. The joke that is her music career. We so excited.

Because, look, a lot of the video looks like a very obvious ripoff of Miley's video for "We Can't Stop." The party scene, the blowup doll, the girl in the white tank top and panties with the short blonde hair - it all looks like Miley. And notice all those little shout outs to "Friday." It's fun, right? It's a silly little song, and it's going to get a lot of attention for what it is, and Rebecca has to know that. She loves music, and she actually does have real talent, but right now, this is the way to get some attention for it. And come on, we all know that we've seen way, way worse

Let's give her a chance with this, all right? Please?
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