Is the World's Creepiest Couple About to be the World's Creepiest MARRIED Couple?

12/9/2013 10:00 AM PST, by
Hey, everybody, look, it's Mary-Kate Olsen and her terrifying boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy! Aren't they the creepiest? Great news: they also might be the engaged-est, because rumor has it that Mary-Kate has been shopping around for a ring. Heaven help us all.

Allegedly, Mary-Kate visited a jewelry store in L.A. quite a few times recently, "checking out huge engagement rings," like you do. Olivier, Creep Master Supreme, apparently wasn't with her, probably because she knew he would just grab on Mary-Kate's head the whole time and distract her. True love, guys. This is what it looks like.

No, this is sweet, kind of. If they're happy, that's great, and if they're getting engaged, then they're obviously pretty darn happy. And it's not like Mary-Kate has been a perfectly normal, non-creepy girl before this dude came along, so his scary, scary ways probably complement hers, if you think about it. So this could actually be good news! At the very least, it means that there's a solid chance we'll get a hilarious/nightmarish wedding photo of Mary-Kate hunched over in a frumpy old lady dress, and Olivier, with that damned old hand still grabbing onto her head.

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