Stop, Kim Kardashian -- No Further

12/10/2013 3:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
While you're mulling it over that Kim Kardashian even compared herself to any old icon, try to figure out who that lovely lady in the background of Kim's photo is. Here are a few hints: 

--Lindsay Lohan portrayed her (kind of poorly, though we loved it anyway) in a Lifetime movie

--She's made more successful movies than Kim Kardashian has spinoff brands, if that's even possible

--She was besties with Michael Jackson 

... Of course it's Liz Taylor, guys! Kim Kardashian, Queen of Delusion by Kanye West Proxy, says that Liz is her "idol," and what better thing to do when you're a celebrity and you have an even more famous idol? Emulate them in every possible way, of course. 

Note to Kim, though -- Liz's ring is significantly bigger than yours. You might wanna tell your man to up and do something about that, you know?

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