Look Away, LeAnn Rimes Haters

12/11/2013 4:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
This is LeAnn Rimes at last night's 2013 American Country Awards, and if we're being completely honest about the whole entire thing, she looks gorgeous. She looks completely and utterly beautiful. As for how she sounded? Well. If her singing voice matched her appearance -- and oh, it did -- then you've got your answer right there: in her tribute to Patsy Cline, she was in prime voice. Check it out: 

Simply flawless.

Last, and on a more/less important note, weren't her boobs just a little bit bigger in the past? And by "a little bit," we mean "significantly larger"?: 

Interesting, right? Though she never confirmed breast augmentation, the rumors were still there -- especially after all that beach frolicking when people were concerned over her weight -- but now it looks like she might have physically changed her mind if, indeed, she did get a boob job way back when. 

In any case, good on you, girl. You looked -- and sounded -- beautiful last night. 

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