Quotables: Adam Levine Thinks Pretty Highly of Adam Levine

12/13/2013 3:00 PM PST, by
"Now, I'm a lot less confident. I was delusionally, unreasonably confident. I was a little jerk. I was really into myself. I'm not the same way that I was. I had this weird confidence that was bizarre."

--Adam Levine discusses what he was like in high school, doesn't realize that it's also what he is like now.

Really though, doesn't that description sound exactly like the Adam Levine we all know and strongly dislike nowadays? A little jerk, weird confidence, really into himself ... that is the most perfection description of Adam Levine that's ever been given. Maybe Adam just thinks he's changed, or maybe he was actually worse in high school -- can you even imagine? -- but how bizarre is it that he's trying to convince us that he's not like this?

But hey, just for Friday night funzies, and to wash this douchebag right out of our hair ...

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