Love It or Leave It: Courtney Stodden's Brand New(ish) Look is Something Else

12/13/2013 8:00 AM PST, by
This is what Courtney Stodden looks like right now. So crazy, right? She's made a few huge (ahem) changes over these past few months -- she's divorcing her creepy husband, Doug Hutchison, she got breast implants, lip injections, and that brand new brown hair -- and you know what? It's all pretty darn great. Sure, you might think she looked better before all the changes, and yeah, you might be a little peeved about her particular kind of fame, but that really doesn't matter. Courtney is doing exactly what she wants to do, and she's getting bigger and bigger (ahem) every single day, and this might hurt to admit, but she deserves some respect for that.

Verdict: love it. Not in an "I wish I looked like that" way, and not even in an "I totally love that look" way. We just love the idea of it. You get yours, Courtney!

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