This Could Get Interesting

12/13/2013 11:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Ooh, can we get a music fight between Beyonce and Lorde here? Two ladies of pop-ish music, battling it out, trying hard to determine who's best? See, they could just go ahead and write fierce, fierce music all up in each other's faces and then, like, collaborate on the most brilliant piece of music you'll hear this millennium. 

See, Lorde dropped a new single today, "No Better," and some people are saying that it's because she's asserting her fabulousness and trying to compete with the Queen Bey. If that's the case, isn't that kind of amazing, if not entirely unbelievable? 

Check it out:

This girl can just do no wrong.

But here's some real talk -- if we had to choose, and even though we are super partial to Lorde, we're gonna have to go with Beyonce on this one, because almost every single song on her new album is pretty hot. Thoughts?
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