Courtney Stodden Probably Doesn't Even Know What's Happening to Courtney Stodden

12/16/2013 11:00 AM PST, by
Over here at Fishwrapper, we like to support this girl right here, the lovely Courtney Stodden, because we're all about sisters doing it for themselves. And we're still supporting her, it's just that, dang, you guys, she posted some super weird photos on Twitter.

First she posted that photo on the right, a nice little selfie that, according to her, is "makeup free." I don't think it really counts as a makeup free photo if you're also wearing sunglasses that cover half your face, but this is what she looks like without lipstick or foundation on her chin, so there you go. But then, the real doozy, that photo on the left ... good god. What is happening to her mouth? Are those fresh lip injections? Is her tongue falling out of her mouth? She's still able to close her mouth all the way, right? For real though, what is happening?

So Courtney, babe, you know we love you, but please ... no more of this, OK? Whatever this is. Make it stop. Please, please just make it stop. 

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