Oh James Franco, NO

12/16/2013 1:00 PM PST, by

Here is a stupid video that James Franco, dumbass extraordinaire, posted on his Instagram over the weekend. He's lying in bed, looking only a tiny bit sleepier than usual, and he's claiming that someone drugged him the night before. Specifically, "somebody slipped me something ... in bed." Then he makes a tiny little fart noise. Somewhere in the middle there he showed us his hairy right nipple. And this video is just one example of the straight up stupidity that he engages in every single day of his existence.

It's just ... why? Why would he even do this? Did he really get drugged? If so, why did he make the fart noise? If he didn't really get drugged, why is he pretending like he did? Why are we so thoroughly analyzing a 12 second video of James Franco showing off his hairy nipples and making fart noises? What is the meaning of this entire world?!
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